we’re all getting ready for tonight’s gig. each person has his/her own routine. i tend to be very, very quiet all day and totally unable to concentrate on anything other than the show. i suppose it can come across as a bit moody or even self-centred but for me, it’s essential to have that focus. i like to preserve all my energy for that extreme burst of adrenaline later today. there’s a point, that i’ve hit right now as i write, where i can’t for the life of me think why the hell i’m doing this. and i wonder if i’ll be able to pull it off.

it’ll pass in a while and then the excitement will start to build… and some nerves. i actually like being a bit nervous. it’s difficult to explain but it actually helps me concentrate on what i’ve got to do.

so… looking forward to seeing friends and fans tonight.
i’ll tell you all about it very soon

2 thoughts on “gig day”

  1. altough I saw it later thah its actual date, I have to say that u describes completely the feelings of a performer and a especially of a singer
    hats off, dear

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