so what the hell is the band up to, you might ask ? well, we had a gig at tiki bar on the 22rd this month with dj ladydust which was pretty fabulous all round. great little venue, sweet crowd, wonderful sound engineer (girls rule !) and some of the friendliest bar staff around. thank you also to dimitris for offering us more spots there. we’ll definately be back.

next up we have a gig at an club with the spinalonga crowd. we’re just going to do a couple of tracks (not our own) with the velvoids, our partners in crime. that’s on the 16th of april.

after that it’s after dark on the 23rd of april. yes, you read that right. two gigs in a week. lucky beggers.

apart from that bad mathematics is now on twitter. follow us there if you want (sometimes) daily nonsense from us. we’re also on if you want hear what we’re listening to.

that’s all for now folks. see you at the next gig.

and yes, i will try and update this blog more regularly…

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