this was posted by kostas moukiouroufis at the av club forum. translation by vishy (yes, he translates as well)

This coming Wednesday, 12 March, After Dark music club will be hosting two of the most lively bands in the Greek underground scene of this town.

Bad Mathematics and the Velvoids will appear together in an unexpected show where the main features will be fun and excitement.

I had the good fortune to catch Bad Mathematics at the same venue recently, an experience which will stay with me for years!

These guys have passion and they spread it with great ease, they have amazing pieces which they play with super virtuosity, they have influences from the deepest roots of the devil’s music that we love, they have a rich musical background, they have a devoted crowd who follows them everywhere, but more than that, they have an authenticity that … (sorry) no Greek band can touch. Hmm, I saved Cassi for last who is a genuine high performer and lyricist!

Their meticulous site,, shows precisely how things are. Go there to see the love and life that it exudes for the band, the music and life!
I wouldn’t miss one night. I’ll be there to enjoy them and to see for the first time the Velvoids, for whom everyone speaks with enthusiasm.

and there is a comment that follows from ilias which is equally flattering:

I first heard Bad Mathematics on the Spinalonga compilation, “In the Junkyard 3”. From that album, I had their track “Sacrifice” on constant repeat for ages, it made my evenings. Incredible song!

As for Cassi… I don’t think I’ve heard a better female voice from any of our home-grown bands.

thank you guys for your extremely generous praise and look forward to seeing you on wednesday for more fun and frolics. now if i can sqeeze my big head through my front door, i’m off out…

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