i realised that my last post was a bit miserable and i don’t actually feel that bad now. it’s one of those things about live performances, there’s no “take two”. there’s no “undo” key. there’s no going back once you’ve messed up.

anyway, i’ve had long enough wallowing in my diva-ish self pity. time to put my tongue firmly back in my cheek and get on with the serious job of writing this blog. As a closing gesture on saturdays gig, i would like to thank black circus, the velvoids, semen of the sun, sleepin pillow for their unique and wonderful performances. thank you to spinalonga for all their hard work getting the festival together. and to rodeo for making us feel welcome. and as always to all of you who keep coming back for more of the band that really is very bad at mathematics.

on to brighter and better things. christmas advertising started a few weeks back and today my head practically exploded after i watched one set of them. screechingly annoying grown-ups pretending to be little girls trying to sell our children nauseatingly pink crying dollies that pee themselves. also for the girls were kitchen utensils and house cleaning equipment, glitter houses and ponies with hair that grows! lovely, just what i would have wanted if i hadn’t been too busy climbing trees and being a cowboy.

how come the boys get all the good stuff? monster trucks and helicopters with motors and noisy machinery that you can smash up and put back together again. or kill each other with. girls like blood and gore and poking each others eyes out as much as boys do. it’s just not fair.

more on christmas madness tomorrow…

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