i am stealing words from vice of the velvoids. it’s my new favorite phrase. “cool as shit”. i would never say it because it would sound rubbish if it came out of my mouth with my very obvious but lovely british accent.

what the hell am i on about you ask? or not as the case may be. well, we had a little gig last night. one of those blink and you’ll miss it appearances. the shortest set we ever played. but we were invited by the fabulous velvoids so how could we not do it?

i’m not going to name names or point fingers but last night was weird and brought home a couple of things that really get to me about the scene here. i am a diva (as you know) but i was on time for a sound check even though we didn’t need one and we were only playing for approximately ten minutes. others (who will not be mentioned but are not the velvoids) not only turned up late, they used the sound check as a last rehearsal. get a grip, people. sound checks are not for you to practice your set. they are to check the sound. like levels and things. it sounds basic and obvious but you would be surprised how many people just don’t get it.

secondly, why go to a music venue to stand at the back and natter through everyones set. there are plenty of trendy bars in psirri where you can hang out, talk very loudly and be seen by all the right people. this venue is not one of them. this is the kind of place where nobody gives a damn who you are. if you’re in the audience you are…the audience. not the main event. now, i may be in an unknown band, you might hate our music, you might think we are scum on your shoe but please, do me a favour…if you don’t like it, leave. we don’t give a monkeys about your shoes or your hairstyle while we are trying to entertain. vice (from the velvoids) is much more vocal on stage about this problem but i feel it just as strongly. seriously people, if you don’t like it, go somewhere else. no-one forced you to come.


thirdly and finally, please have some respect for your fellow music makers. it makes me spontaneously combust when people turn up (late) play their set and then leave, taking their friends and fans with them. for crying out loud, who do you think you are? am i mad or isn’t half the fun of being in this business is that you get to meet other musicians, hear their music, hang out with each other ? god forbid, you might even discover that you like what you hear!

rant over.

thank you as ever to the velvoids for being fun and fabulous. anytime guys. you’re as cool as shit!
thank you to everyone at the venue for keeping it going and treating us with respect. a rare thing at venues.

did i say recently that i hate myspace? nothing works properly and i am trying to read peoples blogs and it keeps taking me somewhere else…hating myspace. again

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