ok folks or should that be folk ? we have another gig coming up, rather fast to be honest. it will be at underworld in athens, greece. i hope you will come and bring a friend or two. details on our myspace frontpage and on the website. we are hopelessly unprepared so far. half the band have been ill for quite a while and the rest are otherwise occupied with real things like earning money and feeding the family. as always though, we will be ready, whatever that takes.

it’ll be a short set (for us). 40 minutes maximum. but we’ll see if there’s a possibility of a jam or impromptu playing of other pieces we happen to remember at the time! requests will be welcome if there is time (we don’t promise to play them though). we’re last on so we are fully prepared for everyone to have gone home by the time we get to play. apart from you reader. you will stay to the very end and even help us pack up our gear and load the car. you’re invited for chips afterwards!

i’ll post more on the build-up as it happens. right now we have got as far as the playlist and running out to get tissues and menthol sweets for the sick band members.
i can’t believe i haven’t even thought about what i’m going to wear! i am one half of the half of the band that was sick.

how about you send me some outfit suggestions? keep it clean though. i’m into scary cargo pants at the moment, so no short skirts and suspenders. a woman of my age! imagine.



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