it’s snowing on the mountain above us. the bad mathematics fuel fund © is of course…empty. can’t complain though, i actually went shopping during the sales and bought some new trousers and a few tops that didn’t have ready-made holes or sequins. had a haircut too! nothing drastic, just a trim. my hair no longer looks like did in the photo here on the blog but then neither do my muscles. i was working out for a couple of hours a day back then. i still walk a lot but it’s not the same as circuit-training and running. the years go by and even though i am still the the same person as i was 20 years ago (except in the morning when i am even more grouchy) but it takes longer to get over parties. jeez, i actually said it, i have to get over parties now!

as for bad mathematics, no big plans at the moment. the band is suffering from a big dose of frustration and a feeling of going nowhere, i think. also very tragic personal news has affected someone close to the band (i am being cryptic because i don’t think this is the place to talk about it)

so carry on watching this space and i will post something new soon. if you’re interested!

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