it’s so cold in the house today i can hardly type. too broke to buy fuel for the central heating so i will spend the day shivering and blowing my runny nose. and i know that must sound really attractive.
oh that reminds me. i was out with a friend the other day and it was raining so i was wearing my incredibly sexy rain mac with the hood up. she came up with the brilliant idea of getting vishy to photograph me in it to put on the site. just to prove that i am not stunningly drop dead gorgeous all the time… sometimes, i actually look bloody awful. hard to believe i know. but i just wanted to share that with you. yes, you i mean. You’re the only one who reads this nonsense.

guess what we’re doing tonight? yes, we’re rehearsing. again. You’d think that we’d know our songs by now.

donations to the bad mathematics fuel fund© greatly appreciated. just pop a couple of euros in an envelope and send it to: the sad mathematics. it’ll find us.

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