the album is out

oh goodness, i almost forgot… i have to get out more!

we went to the launch party of the compilation album that we appear on. it’s a double album called “in the junkyard 3 and we contributed the track “sacrifice” (my favorite). though i say it myself the cd is great. the artwork is brilliant. the people who put it together deserve our undying respect and admiration. and best of all, my one and only reader, it only costs 5 euros.

thank you to everyone who worked on this album, everyone who believed in it, all who contributed to it, did technical stuff on it, talked about it, listened to it, played it, sold any copies of it or played any small part in making this little piece of history. thank you.

if you want to buy the album, did i tell you it’s a double album? (5 euros!) you can order it here! or get in touch with us at or better still, come to the gig, hear the music and order from me personally! come on mr/ms reader… i know you want to…