myspace sucks

we made it to over 10,000 profile views on myspace without cheating.
and we’re going global. we had our first friends request from africa and we are looking forward to contact from asia (the only continent we haven’t reached)

myspace still sucks but we are not ready to give up on the whole thing just yet. why ? because to take over the world, you still have to have a myspace. and that’s our goal… to take over the world.

it’s painful to have to cross-post over there but to achieve anything in this world, you have to be willing to suffer.

see you in one week. at after dark !

design disaster

let’s face it, myspace was not made with us in mind. the pages i’ve seen around are mostly horrible and some are even scary. i’ve done what i can for now even though the lack of control is winding me up something rotten.

very, very happy to find we now have 19 friends. in that, myspace does work; as a networking tool. hi to everyone in our list and i’m glad we made contact.

almost smiling

i am migrating our entire myspace blog over here to wordpress because, to be quite honest, myspace really sucks. i am copy/pasting everything here. starting now… welcome to everything falls apart

so we finally got onto myspace… it’s not pretty but i have been working all day to change some of the default (bad) design. have patience. we will soon be up and running with a place we can feel is really ours.