but can we sell records ?!!

Most musicians I know (or indeed, most artists I know) are USELESS when it comes to marketing and selling their work. We, as a band, are beyond useless at it. There are excuses for this; the most important being that the music business is constructed, owned and run for the executives and companies… not for your unknown band who made a CD (no matter how brilliant). YouTube will not make you an overnight star (no matter how brilliant your video is).

So rather than go into all the whys and wherefores in great detail, we have decided to get more serious about selling our work. That means badgering all our friends and fans to share our links especially videos and our BUY NOW links like the one in this post. It’s not very intuitive to us to be salespeople but we better give it a go before the second album comes out !

Just to remind you, we are selling physical copies of our album as well as downloads. We sell on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp .

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