Recording the Second Album

We have been working really hard over the past two months, laying down tracks for the second album. I have to say, the recording this time round has been more pleasurable, more concentrated and more creative for me personally.

One of the great things is having our most excellent sound engineer Zack on hand all the way through. He sets things up properly, listens to what we want, makes his own suggestions and is chilled and cheerful (very important to the sensitive soul)

Photos: Cassi Moghan © 2016

Another thing that’s different this time around is that we are doing overdubs, adding new instruments (double bass, keyboards etc). I am looking forward to collaborating with other musicians and making this album richer and even more interesting than the first.

I will try to update more often here, especially now that our genius webmaster has shown me how to use this incredible editor thingy.

For more images of us making the second album, check out our Instagram