All Photos: Giorgos Nikolaidis © 2015

On 23 April 2015 we made the official launch of the album “Everything Falls Apart“, at the Tiki Bar Athens.

The band would like to thank a long list of people, too long. So we will thank the ones who we can here…

Special thanks and love goes out to Dave Williams for coming all the way to Athens to not only see us play but also actually set up our sound for the night. Amazing fella, and if we can afford him our official sound man/producer from now on.

To the Workaholics for their wonderful support and for kick starting the whole show with their lively and very short (!) set

To DJ Kosta Meliti for all his support and for being there to entertain the crowd after the live show.

To the Mountain of Love himself, Mr. Piers Marsh for also trekking down to Athens from the UK…

To Zach for his presence and all his hard work.

To Bradley for having the guts to get up on stage with us and sing backing to Cassi on our rendition of Love Will Tear Us Apart, with no rehearsals whatever.

To the Tiki Athens for hosting the show and of course to all the people who came to see us.

Oh and of course all the people who bought the CD!

Another gig soon. Watch this space.